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About us

At Psychodnia, we prioritise an individualised approach to each patient, visit, and treatment. The foundation of our excellent work is our dedicated team of professionals who are friendly towards each other, our patients, and their owners.  Pet owners never feel anonymous at Psychodnia, which positively impacts our relationships and builds trust in our practices and treatments.

Psychodnia is a modern veterinary diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitation center created and led by veterinarian Marta Labuda and staffed by experienced veterinarians and physiotherapists. 

We have always embraced pioneering challenges, which is why we were the first veterinary clinic in Warsaw to offer minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures since 2020. Since 2010, Psychodnia has also been the first rehabilitation center for animals in Warsaw and the third in Poland. We are well aware that not only comprehensive diagnosis and effective treatment, but also physiotherapy is necessary for the happiness of the patient and his owners. While physiotherapy is primarily associated with human rehabilitation, it effectively improves the quality of life for dogs and other animals by enhancing mobility, relieving pain, and reducing inflammation Physiotherapy and underwater treadmill exercises are also indispensable for training athletic dogs and improving the quality of life for senior pets.

Our goal is for all animals to leave our veterinary clinic happy and healthy.

Psychodnia We Stand on Four Paws.