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Indications for rehabilitation

  • to improve the mobility of animals with neurological conditions accompanied by pain, loss of muscle mass, paresis or paralysis of the limbs (e.g. spondylosis, discopathy)
  • after orthopaedic and neurological procedures
  • for improving the quality of life of animals with congenital and acquired orthopaedic conditions accompanied by pain
  • lameness, atrophy of muscle mass, contractures (e.g. joint dysplasia, rupture of ligaments, tendons)
  • for the treatment of inflammatory conditions of joints and tendons
  • to prevent muscular atrophy, e.g. in the event of a doctor-prescribed reduction in physical activity
  • to accelerate the return to full function both for bone fractures treated surgically and under dressing
  • to effectively slim down overweight animals
  • as conditioning training for sporting and working dogs
  • for the rehabilitation of elderly animals with osteoarthritis of the spine or joints – the therapy, in addition to improving fitness, makes it possible to reduce or avoid the administration of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs
  • to accelerate wound healing, treatment of skin diseases
  • for many other conditions that make life difficult for animals.